About the course

The Phenomenon and Gift Course is now called the Source & Synchronicites!

The course is a completely new course and is held for the FIRST TIME in the world! This unique privilege and opportunity is now available, from 30 September to 1 October 2017!

The course is guided by the lovely Guides of the Oneness and One World Academies in India and is organized SIMULTATIOUSLY at 15 different European venues! The course will be broadcasted live from India, O & O Academy.

Source and Synchronicities Course:
Experience the Power of the Source and the Power of Consciousness in this exciting Combination!
You will learn directly from Preethaj, the Founder of O & O Academy and the principal teacher of intellectual science to create a synchrony for your life. Then you are united with the Primary Source of consciousness that allows you to realize your wishes as a miraculous coincidence continually.

You begin to experience your life in a whole new way!

Over the weekend you will enjoy:

  • Master three important synchronic areas; health, love and prosperity.
  • Various forms of meditations and practices
  • In-depth, healing processes cleans out unwanted negative programs.
  • Direct dialogue with guides from Oneness University.
  • Transforming exercises that will boost you to create sync!

We will also meditate in Sri Bhagavan's presence - Sri Bhagavan is World Oneness University's Founder.

Whether you are an experienced meditatior or completely new to this phenomenon, you will get the full benefit of the course - you get what you so earnestly longed for.

The course costs only 350 Euro. Is include café/the and fruits.

Don't miss this unique opportunity - we can promise you a weekend of high energies!


Below are the times for the course

Registration is Saturday, Sept 30th between 07: 30-08: 45 am

Saturday, Sept 30
Registration is open from 7:30 am to 8:45am
Should be in place no later than at 8:45 am
The doors will be closed at 9:00 am
Course day ends at 9 pm

Sunday, Okt 1
Doors open at 8 am
Should be in place no later than at 8:45 am
The course ends 5-6 pm