About the course

Welcome to a transformational "Phenomenon & the Gift 'course in Malmö in Sept 30 -Okt 1

For the third time in the Nordic countries, we now have the opportunity to attend a 2-day transformational "Phenomenon and The Gift" - online course, led by Oneness Guides at the Oneness University, India!

The course is transmitted via video link directly from the Oneness Temple - an abode of the Supreme Light, and during these two intense days, the participants are guided into a deep and transformational inner journey that results in a state of inner calm and deep awareness of who you are.

You begin to experience your life in a whole new way!
Over the weekend you will enjoy:

  • Ancient knowledge
  • Various forms of meditation
  • In-depth, healing processes cleans out unwanted negative programs.
  • Direct dialogue with guides from Oneness University.
  • Initiation of the Golden Orb meditator

We will also meditate in Sri Bhagavan's presence - Sri Bhagavan's World Oneness University's fonder

Whether you are an experienced meditation or completely new to this phenomenon, you will get the full benefit of the course - you get what you so earnestly longed for.

The course costs only 300 Euro if you register before Sept 16! After Sept 16 the course costs 345 Euro .

Do not miss this unique opportunity.
We can promise you a weekend of high energies!


Below are the times for the course

Registration is Saturday, Sept 30th between 07: 30-08: 45 am

Saturday, Sept 30
Registration is open from 7:30 am to 8:45am
Should be in place no later than at 8:45 am
The doors will be closed at 9:00 am
Course day ends at 9 pm

Sunday, Okt 1
Doors open at 8 am
Should be in place no later than at 8:45 am
The course ends 5-6 pm